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Konica Hexar - enabling hidden/disabled features

I figured it'd be a good idea to archive this information found in the legendary photo.net Hexar AF thread for later use, since it's mostly filled with useless crap and I don't feel like navingating it if I ever forget this stuff.

Enabling silent mode:

First make sure your camera is powered off. Then: 

  • Turn the aperture dial to F22.
  • Turn the camera on and press SELECT. The display will show +/-0.0 
  • Press SELECT again. The display will show [0].
  • Turn the camera off, then on. Do not press any buttons. Display shows [0].
  • Enter ROM with the exposure compensation buttons: 

      • right button 1x 
      •  left button 2x 
      •  right button 3x 
      •  left button 4x 
      •  right button 3x 
      •  left button 2x 
      •  right button 1x 

The camera will rattle and buzz and the display will show the flashing number '232'.

  • Turn aperture dial from F22 to F13 (between F11 and F16). Display shows A[38] Use the left exposure compensation button to go to A[00] .
  • Turn aperture dial to F16. The display shows D[FB] .
  • Set display to D[FA] with the exposure compensation button. 
  • Power off. The display shows F16.
  • Press shutter release button for 2 seconds. F16 disappears, camera switches off.
  • Press MF while turning camera on, and the display will show the much desired L[0].

 AE bracketing: 

Follow the steps as above. At step 8, instead of setting D[FA] set D[FE]. Power off, then hold the shutter release as described above. You should then get Silent Mode, AEB as well as all the extra Hexar Classic features. 

 IR mode:

Load film, and switch camera on (P, A, or M mode) - IR film is non DX, so press the shutter release button to advance to frame 1. (Note that IR-Mode does not work with DX coded film!) - switch to A mode, then press SELECT until ISO values are displayed. Within 3 secs, press DOWN untill [---] is shown.

Immediately press MF once to display [750] (corresponding to Konica IR750 film) - - press MF twice to display [850] (corresponding to Kodak's 850 film) (the numbers correspond to the wavelength the films are sensitive for). After 3 secs, the display will show [iso 100], acknowledging successful setting of IR value.

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